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Published 21 September, 2021

Travel Guide: Westhampton Beach

After spending much of the summer exploring Westhampton, I’m putting in my two cents with a what-to-do guide in the area. Mainly for my own sake but hey, can’t hurt putting it out there either. I love love loveee Westhampton. It’s got that small beach town feel without being pretentious (like the other Hamptons) and the newly renovated town center is truly wonderful. Everything you need and more. The girls and I love it so much we’re planning on coming back every summer. Here’s my take on what to do with (or without) the kids out east.

Fountain at Main Street

Favorite Vineyards

Everyone’s main reason for venturing out east in the first place, am I right? These are some of our all time favorites who have also been very welcoming of littles. win win.
Wolffer Estates vineyard – if you had to pick ONE, i’d always say Wolffer.
Jamesport vineyard – brick oven pizzas every Wednesday. No kids allowed on weekends only.
Macari Vineyards
Paumanok Vineyards
Channing Daughters Winery
Palmer Vineyards

Wolffer Estates
Rocking the bamba as appetizer
Jamesport Vineyards


Ría del bene playground – small but new and does the trick. There’s also a little sculpture park to roam right beside it.
Quogue public Library – new and updated building. Amazing location with an adjacent old schoolhouse mini museum. Kids can sign up to the summer reading club and get a free activity kit every Monday! G’s favorite.
Quogue wildlife Refuge – lots of trails and animal spotting. Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen!
Children’s museum of East end – a great place to spend a rainy day. New Covid protocols mean a private supply cart for every kid to drag around the museum.
Lavender by the bay (Calverton location) – come for the pictures, stay for the smell.
Harbes Farm – hands down the best family activity around. Petting farm, games, adventure park (with a giant trampoline) and good food.
Pattys Berries Bunches – show the kids where their favorite fruit comes from and have fun picking them yourself.
Long Island Aquarium – THE rainy day activity but brace yourself for the wait in line.
Grangabel Park – see the marine inspired sculptures and feed the ducks.


Pizza at Brunetti – New York City level pizza and great service. Michael (one of the owners) is the sweetest and will set you up at best spot.


North Fork Roasting Co and Caffeine – not the most amazing coffee I’ve had but the best of what’s in the area.
Salt & loft – great clam chowder and burgers, also have the impossible burger available.
Goldberg’s famous bagels – get the “no frills”.


Beth’s cafe for breakfast and lunch.
Ice cream go to old trusty Haagen dazs. do yourself a favor and skip Shock. It’s the cheap artificially colored/ flavored stuff.
Country Farm Kitchen (Riverhead) – get a table outside by the river. kids can run free and say hi to people kayaking.

Honorable mentions: Flora for outdoor seating & Haskell’s seafood market for grab-and-go goodies to take to the beach or sit down at their backyard patio.


Rogers beach
Hot dog beach
Quogue village beach
Meadow Lane boardwalk Southampton
Tiana beach (they have children’s water safety lessons for WHB residents)
Hot tip: While all the beaches supposedly check parking permits for entry, I’ve found that if you go past 5pm (the best beach time anyways in my opinion) no one is attending the entrance so sunset walks for all!


TOLA Boutique – the cutest linen jumpers and dresses at the most reasonably priced store in Westhampton… must check out.
Lynne’s cards and gifts – so many cute toys and WHB merch. Definitely check it out if on the hunt for some gifts or play goods to take along to the beach.

If you plan on visiting sometime in the near future, I hope you can find this little guide helpful <3



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