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Published 28 January, 2019

NYC Winter with Kids: OUT & ABOUT

Whether you live in NYC or happen to be visiting during the winter, this weather is a pain, and I feel you. Fast-forward to January 1st past the holiday season, it’s just not as magical anymore and frankly, we all just want to get it over with STAT. If you’ve had enough of hibernating with your kiddos and are going stir crazy at home, fear not! Take comfort in the fact that you are in one of best cities in the world for winter activities so here we go:

1.Indoor play spaces and kids classes

Some of our favorites are City Treehouse, TLB Music, Playday Gramercy, Kids at Work, NY Kids Club, KidvilleApple Seeds, & Taste Buds Kitchen.

2. Hotel Lobby Hopping

Unapologetically, checking out hotel lobbies are totally our thing, even if we’re not staying there 😉 We’re also super lucky to be surrounded by some seriously cool hotels. some of our favorites are:

Park South Hotel which features a fireplace, reading nooks and lots of quirky books. Also, their restaurant covina has some of the best pizza in town (G’s favorite) and killer wine list to go with it. Fun fact: David and I actually had our engagement/wedding party at their rooftop, aptly named ‘Roof’ and it was THE BEST.

Freehand Hotel is also a few blocks away and they have a really fun game room on the Mezzanine located on the 2nd floor. Pacman and a few other old school machines plus a selection of board games and an air hockey table. Really good for killing a few hours. Restaurant Studio on that same floor serves good coffee and small nibbles.

Ace Hotel: amazing coffee and lots of stairs to run after your toddler with hot coffee in hand – not ideal, i know, but she has so much fun. They also have some random taxidermied animals to look at and an occasional entertaining pop up.

other note worthy hotel lobbies to check out:
The Standard Hotel East village – photo booth, winter fondue yurts in the garden and stellar food.
CitizenM – a literal playground for kiddos. Super quirky and fun.

3. New York Public Library Story time

Check out NYPL website for times and locations near you.
Pretty much all of them have a kids sections with books and toys, even if you don’t necessarily stay for story time. We most often go to the Chelsea, Kips Bay or Epiphany location but they’re all pretty great. You can also check out bookstores like Strand and Books of Wonder for weekend activity schedule.

4. Cool stores!

So many new ones popping up nowadays, and super kid oriented!
Camp – interactive shopping where your kids can touch anything. They also have a slide, a disco room and art project stations. Need I say more?
Flying Tiger – everything you didn’t know you needed, LEGO store, Dinosaur Hill, Space Kiddets, & Evolution to name a few.
Also, why not make grocery shopping fun for your littles? A lot of supermarkets now have kid sized shopping carts so that your minis can feel they’re part of the fun! Look for them next time you’re in the supermarket and have your kid help you pick out groceries.

5. Ride the subway!

With no particular destination in mind but always fun to people watch, especially performers, cartoonists and singers on platform or cars. Come prepared with lots of snacks! And wipes!

6. Coffee shops

i love coffee. G loves croissants. it’s a match made in heaven. Our favorites are Felix, Black press, ChaCha Matcha, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Maman, Toby’s Estate on 5th (relocating atm but should reopen nearby soon).

7. All the museums!

MoMath, Museum of Natural History, The Met, Met  Breuer (don’t forget to check out Flora Bar on the 1st floor), MoMa, Children’s Museum (some people love it, not a favorite of ours though…)

8. Indoor shopping centers 

Places where you can really spend all day indoors without the need to get out like the new ish Brookfield place/ Oculus, The shops at Colombus Circle, Macy’s and surrounding areas & Manhattan Mall.

9. Go exploring indoors around your block!

Is there a doggy day care next to you to visit? An antique shop with delightful owners that always welcome you and your child? Do it! And if all else fails, hop into your local Duane Reade/ Wallgreens and let them run free by the toy aisle. You’ll go back home refreshed and feeling so much better than if you had just stayed home!