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Published 22 September, 2021

Meshi’s Birth Story

4:48am February 4, 2020

I was 40 weeks and 3 days. After getting the flu with G 2 weeks earlier I was finally back to myself and physically ready to give birth but anxious for it to go as planned. I went to my midwife appointment ‪at 1pm‬ that day to check all was well with baby since being overdue and was only 1 cm dilated. I was having very few contractions so I thought I still had a few more days to go. I was offered to do a membrane sweep but declined thinking if I just wait it out it’ll be better like I did with G. I walked home from 12th & 6th to try and get things going and stopped on the way to get an açai bowl for me and Ima. It was the only thing I was craving between the pineapple juice/dates/spicy food diet I was on the past few days to try and speed up labor. On the menu that week was also acupuncture, foot massages and sex but none really seemed to work at the time.

I got home from my appointment and ate the açai bowl while G was napping. When she woke up we made schnitzel + pasta and cleaned the apartment/ did some laundry. I was having mild contractions but was still thinking they’re braxton hicks so didn’t call midwives yet. David came home and G stayed with him while Ima and I went to Target. We got her a toy puppy and a bag of newborn diapers for later, just in case. We came back home and I tried to get some sleep in case it was the real deal but the contractions started picking up ‪at around 8pm‬ and getting more regular so I couldn’t really rest.

I layed on the bed instead and closed my eyes. We timed contractions and when they weren’t going away we called Georgia (our midwife). She said it sounded like it might be starting and advised us to go to hospital since it was my second birth and those tend to happen faster. We headed out and since we were already on our way to the hospital, we called our doula to meet us there. Ima stayed with tuti wide awake ‪at 10:30pm. We made it to the hospital on the UES in less than 20 minutes and contractions were still on the milder side.

Once we got admitted into triage and met our doula we waited for a room to open up which took around an hour. When we finally got into the L&D room contractions picked up and i was walking all over the place not knowing what to do with myself. We set up the music and dimmed the lights and since i wanted to be able to move I declined the IV so instead was chugging water like there’s no tomorrow. My mouth was so dry. By that point my legs were so tired from all the shaking so I tried laying in bed in between contractions but they started coming on so strong and so often that I gave up on that idea. Because I was drinking so much water I was consistently going to the bathroom and squatting/ holding onto the railings in peak of contractions. My mucus plug came out in pieces and water partially broke, trickling down my leg. Thats when contractions really picked up and were leaving me breathless during peaks. I was already around 8cm dilated when the strongest ones started and felt the urge to start pushing. I got up on my knees hugging the headboard of the bed but got really exhausted after a few minutes from uncontrollably shaking.

I decided to sit on the bed and thats when the pushing started. It was about ‪4am‬ when Meshi’s head got stuck half in- half out and I felt like I couldn’t possibly push anymore. At that point it felt like my vagina was on fire and I knew the only way out of it was pushing her out. I don’t know how but somehow I did it and there she was. All 3700 grams of her, right on my chest, umbilical cord still attached.



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