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Published 22 September, 2021

Geffen’s Birth Story

5:12 AM September 26, 2016

My G is turning 5 whole years in a few days. Time really does fly. I thought I’d dig this one out of the archives for a more permanent spot right here. Still seems surreal how I became a mom that day. Giving birth is absolute magic. Painful, intense, raw, but magic nonetheless. I’d happily do it all over again.

I’ve been laboring on and off since late Saturday night the previous day but went to sleep unsure if it was false labor. Woke up the next morning and had consistent contractions all day pretty frequently every 2-4 minutes. They were mild, nothing I couldn’t manage. Still wasn’t convinced it was the real deal.

I woke up and made myself a blueberry, banana, spinach and spirulina smoothie thinking I might need the energy for later on if it was indeed early labor. David was still sleeping when I decided to start cleaning the house. I got on all fours to clean the floors and see if I can get baby in a good position. The morning went by and around 2pm we called the midwives to describe what I was feeling and was told to get as much rest as possible. We stayed home and I got distracted cooking and watching TV… After a few hours when the contractions started getting stronger I wasn’t very hungry but ate a bean soup David’s mom brought over and a bowl of rice to keep my energy up. Things kept escalating until contractions started getting more intense around 8 pm.

At 9pm we called Melissa (our doula) and she arrived around 10pm. I was on the toilet when my water partially broke and the mucus plug came out. I labored at home for another 2 hours, mostly on the bed and in and out of the tub with a lot of uncontrollable shaking during and in between each contraction. When contractions got so intense to the point I was really uncomfortable, we took a 15 minute uber downtown to the hospital and got there around 12:30/1 am. I was so relieved there was no traffic at that time a night and we were able to get there as fast as we did.

I was quickly admitted to triage and then luckily the birth center with 5cm dilation and fully effaced. First thing I did was get in the tub which helped a lot with increasing contractions. Each time my back was hurting so badly and I needed to keep pressure on it to relieve the pain. I would get a hold of the side of the tub and have David hold me closer and Melissa press her entire weight on my back. Even so I never felt the need to get an epidural. I used nitrous oxide a few times but at that point I was already pretty far along and didn’t feel like it was doing any effect so I stopped. When I was done with the tub, I headed to the toilet and began having even more powerful contractions, Rita ruptured my second membrane and since it looked yellow, we realized it was meconium and I needed to be transferred to L&D for continuous monitoring.

By that time I was already 8 cm dilated and started to feel the urge to push so I pushed gently (with midwife approval) like my body was asking me to. There was no space in L&D rooms so they brought in a monitor to continue listening to G and make sure everything was alright. I labored on the toilet for another 30 minutes or so. When there was finally space available, we walked over (I refused to use the wheelchair) to L&D room and I sat down on a squatter.

As the pushing urge increased I was told to move positions to reduce my chance of tearing so we decided to try side laying on the bed, it was around 4am. David and a nurse were holding my legs up on one side and Melissa was holding it on the other. Rita was guiding me along with her calming presence and getting ready to pull the baby. I started pushing and with each contraction felt baby’s head getting closer out. By the 6th push I was already crowning and could feel the top of her head but my contractions started slowing down with 4-5 minute breaks in between. I felt I wasn’t progressing fast enough so Rita stretched open my cervix for the baby to have more space to come out. I kept being told I was almost there and that they can see the head, to keep pushing with every ounce of strength I got. I was in complete animal mode, screaming and pushing and kicking my legs. I was told me to use all that screaming and kicking energy to push from the bottom so I did, and at the 10th push Geffen was born at 5:12 am.

She was covered in meconium so they immediately took her to the side of the room to have her checked by the pediatrician and wipe her off. Once we were given the OK within a minute or two, David took off his shirt and did some skin to skin as she pooped all over him. After wiping her clean she was handed over to me and that’s when I met her for the very first time. She was red and wrinkly and quite frankly looked like a little alien but it was the most magical alien I’ve ever seen.



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